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"Define safe, because I'm pretty sure I just heard someone dying."
"It's rated... mostly appropriate."
"You can't just be like 'meet me in Narnia' if I don't know how to get there!"
"I would stay, but I can't tell if I'm bleeding or not."
"Someone called it a banana turkey."

Why Teens Love EMPL

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"To me TLC is my other family; a place where I can be myself and the place that has helped me be the person I am today. TLC is a safe place to express yourself and have fun!"



“To me, TLC is a unique space where I feel loved and can be myself. The friendships I’ve made are irreplaceable.”



"TLC, for me, is a great way to be myself, and make new friends. I've met some of the best people from TLC. TLC is also a great way to manage programs for younger kids.